19 February 2007

freaky monday

What a weird day...had an interview this afternoon for a job I only applied for on Friday, after I had found out I had the interview. I was mediocre. No question. Official result Wednesday.
Actually spent this evening doing something I really wanted to do rather than prep for interview at short notice or speed read kids books for review. So I sat down with take out pizza, Chianti, my hound and 'Jimmy Corrigan. The world's smartest kid.' Finished 2/4 of them.

1 comment:

alimal said...

hello my hunny :) i may be in france but can still keep my eye on you from afar! mini-me sounds like quite the kitchen maestro... hey kid, wanna cook for alimal too sometime? :)
kumquat i have a funtime plan a-hatching... will expound on my return...