17 February 2007


...and last night he made Paprika Pork which I have to say was amazing. Really sizzling and yummy. He decided to sprinkle sage into the rice. Damnit if it wasn't delicious!


smith said...

i thought this was a vegetarian site.
You know when you sit in the cinema and you get that dark surround sound going on, and even the adverts have a particular sound quality that you don't get like when they are shown on the tv, that sense which takes you to a place that is created by the past and present both, a real comforting feeling, books can be similar although obviously you need the light on and there's not normally sound and you are reading rather than watching pictures and listening.

you know what i mean though.

kumquat said...

yes i do though i think the paprika pork got to you a bit with that leftfield comment!