21 February 2007

3 cherries!

got it. 6 month secondment. pretty chuffed.

in other news i got to share the surprising delights of Isla Negra with the borrower and her computer generated boyfriend and Alimal this evening. Uncanny resemblance on the golf course.

to answer your "?", big dog, i'm liking ghostwritten. some parts are really gripping, others are very readable but not earth shattering. it will be interesting to see how the threads join up. i can see why you mixed it up with murakami. lots of similarities. well one or two maybe. if you need a prompt think of the cultural revolution, a ghost girl in a flat and a freaky terrorist religious group trying to purge the world!


Emdrum said...

Many congratulations. Well done. Big tick and a gold star!

kumquat said...

blowed if i can remember who emdrum is. gimme a clue. do i meet you once a month at a real ale pub? curious.

alimal said...

interesting - see my flatmate described 'Ghostwritten' as a "self conscious extended creative writing excercise"....! still, it was the first novel etc etc I haven't read it myself (a review like that has a tendancy to discourage someone as malleable as myself), however...

I have just finished 'Cloud Atlas' and loved it! including (and maybe even especially) the melodramatic edge to it! :)

p.s. aw shucks can i join the mutual appreciation society and say kumquat and the borrower are really rather special? xx