20 February 2007

who says?

Who said having teenagers was relentless hassle? I'm sat on my computer while mini-me is downstairs dipping peppered chicken breasts into beaten egg and coating with an interesting mix of crushed crackers and parmesan ready for dinner. Yeah, it's really tough being me this evening. Ahh, back to my reader.


Anonymous said...

number9dream is next?? I certainly hope so.

the borrower said...

is mini me feeling guilty about something? how long is alimal in france for?

kumquat said...

not guilty i don't think. i'm paying him a nominal amount but he genuinely seems to enjoy hanging out in the kitchen with the radio on and calling me down for dinner.

alimal gets back on wednesday i believe.

btw, i rang you over the weekend but there was no answer. was going to offer you a walk with the hound and lunch out. another time.

i'm happy to have you guys as my mates.

the borrower said...

What a lovely thing to say! I'm glad you're my mate too.

Did you phone the mobile? If so it was sat in a van in St. Neots, we've only just got it back.

Boo hoo i would have loved to have come too, we should do that soon.

Big Dog said...

You can't trust The Borrower. In a van in St. Neots? Well. That just proves my point.

How are you finding Ghost Written? I read it last year but I'm sad to realise I cannot remember it. I thought it was Kafka on the Shore for a minute but then i remebered that that was Kafka on the Shore. Was there a DJ talking to a computer? Damn, I hate not remembering.

Hope you're well


Big Dog said...

Oh, I'm in Alpe Duez on the 3rd March for a week. Will you be there?

kumquat said...

um yes. i'm counting on meeting up! we're in d'Huez and i think you're in Bergers from our last convo. We arrive on the 6th so would be glad to have you trundle over to the Underground Bar and meet us for alcohol on the first night as we won't have had a chance to ski by then. what say you?