13 October 2012

DT; On the first day, they created chaos

Let's see how DT week ended then go back to the beginning;

(2 ANE visits, 1 broken arm, 1 acute eye inflammation, 2 bruised knees, 1 banged head, 1 painful ankle, more bruises than we could count, coughs, colds, sneezes, sore throat, nearly lost voice & 2 people sent back to bed with ill health.)

Now, how did all this happen, why did everyone agree to it, why did we agree to pay for this and why did we feel guilty when we weren't doing it well enough? What just happened?!

On the first day, my assistant leader and I were briefed with a colossal amount of information and given a short turnaround to pass on everything to the group and get everyone involved in a thoroughly comprehensive presentation of the information. Our first disappointment was having to repeat this task as it fulfilled the requirements of being interesting and well put together but lacking some key information. The trainers are deliberately punishing to get you to face negative emotions.

The afternoon's task, at which we excelled, gained bonus points and all had as a high of the week, was to prepare a V. I. P meal for our group and 8 others. We put together a candle-lit, 3-course meal and provided a jazz band as entertainment.

The main event wasn't to start until Wednesday morning and Tuesday would be a warm up day.

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Greta said...

Um. Huh. I am speechless. Tell me more.