18 October 2012

DT; on the second day they created team morale and fatigue

Already I feel like I have forgotten the order in which we did things. But you are none the wiser so here goes.

This date was called vice versa. Our team of 10 was split in two and each team performed a morning task that needed to be explained to the other team over lunch so they could perform it. The team I was on had to construct a raft. It involved learning a series of knots and strict rules regarding safety. We then had to take it out on the dock and paddle it to a pontoon. After a couple of manoeuvers we returned to disassemble the raft. In the 30 minutes lunch break we had to pass on a huge volume of information to the other team. They in turn has learnt how to conduct a search and rescue mission and needed to give us copious amounts of information. Time restrictions made it an interesting lunch break!

Our team had to carry out a sweep search and find a member of staff acting as an injured person. We then needed to carry out first aid, make a hot drink and return them to the vehicle on a bivvy bag acting as a stretcher. It was exhausting and funny, particularly when I lent over the injured person and accidentally poured milk all over his face as it taken out of my bag!!

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