8 October 2012

The DT's?

Not to be confused with 'delirium tremens', our DT week is a time of being pushed to our limits so we display some 'unfiltered behaviour'. Hopefully we can go more Coral Island than Lord of the Flies'.

Today we built a raft from wood, Aston barrels and rope, learning different knots on the way. We then paddled it out onto North Dock to complete a couple of manoeuvres. In the afternoon we carried out a search & rescue mission in the woods which involved sweep searching, performing first aid, making a hot drink and carrying a man with an injury (staged) on a bivvy bag stretcher.

Tonight our phones will be taken from us for the rest of the week as we head into more outdoor craziness with dark rumours of sleeping in caves, abseiling, hiking through the night and caving. Unconfirmed rumours but whatever the rest of the week holds we are fairly well guaranteed that cold and wet will be the main protagonists.

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