10 April 2007

Rats & Rakings

As I was clearing a load of bricks and rubbish from my garden this afternoon a large rat ran down length of the garden and climbed the trellis on the wall before kicking off and presumably spread-eagle parachuting into the neighbouring garden. I didn't scream and managed to keep rooting through the bricks without having to run in, stand on a chair and breathe into a paper bag.

I was preparing a space for my new 'composter'. It's terrifically exciting. I have spurned current trends and have bought a plastic bin instead of a soho composter. (no such thing exists, I just mean something for 20 x the price of my plastic bin that does the same thing) I took an old BBQ fork, heated it on the gas and made breathing holes in the base and lower half. Hey presto, a composter with a lid. Ten quid - although in fact I didn't even pay because my Dad bought it for me! It's already got a heap of stuff in it and I feel strangely at one with the planet. Excluding rodents.

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