12 April 2007

It seems the boy is an artist.


Anonymous said...

I can see Pollockian influence. Along with, of course, 1970s skateboarding. Burning shades and the plethora of curves, some three-dimensional. Very interesting. Though of most interest to me is the red paint splatterings, akin to Pete Doherty's 'interpretations' of 'art'. Though I really hope that isn't blood. I guess, in a week, if the reds have turned into browns, we'll soon find out. Which, I guess, would classify it as 'organic art' or at the very least 'nascent germination'. I love it. Although, I have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about.

kumquat said...

It's going to be a flyer for a skate company down in Bournemouth. I am wicked-chuffed with the little tyke!