11 October 2006

two years

'...for me the kumquat taken whole
best fruit, and metaphor, to fit the soul...'
I have just noticed that the anniversary of my blog has passed me by twice now. Kumquat's blog has been entertaining and educating the world at large for over two years and I think a celebration is called for.
Where else to look but to Tony Harrison?
'...a fruit an older poet might substitute
for the grape John Keats thought fit to be Joy's fruit...'
Let me tell you about the men in my life. HBH introduced me to Alexander Pope, JA introduced me to Camus and GD introduced me to Iris Murdoch and Tony Harrison.
'The new day dawns. O days! My spirit greets
the kumquat with the spirit of John Keats.
O kumquat, comfort for not dying young,
both sweet and bitter, bless the poet's tongue!'
Tony for poet laureate!
Here's to another two years. By that time I will have a 16 year old and be more than half way to my three score years and ten.
'Then it's the kumquat fruit expresses best
how days have darkness round them like a rind,
life has a skin of death that keeps its zest.'


Anonymous said...

Happy blog anniversary.

I celebrate mine by posting around twice a year.

You skiing next year? I'm off to france again in Dec and March. Maybe I'll run into you on a slope somewhere?


kumquat said...

ooh fab. great to hear from you. no definite plans in place yet but i can't *not* go! Where will you be? (can't promise not to stalk you down on a black run if you tell me of course!)

Anonymous said...

happy anniversary!

Me wonders what a kumquat would look like after two years.

Not that I'm suggesting your blog is rotten and manky.

:::digging hole:::


Anonymous said...

I'm not really sure where we're going. I think were in Alpe D'Huez in march and Courchevel in December.

It might be the other way round.

If you do stalk me down a black slope I'll be easy to spot. I'll be the ungraceful one flailing about like an idiot.

kumquat said...

Well I've been to Huez twice so I know you'll love it there.