12 April 2006


I was tagged several days ago and I've only just worked out what it means - duh! Anyway, here are the answers 'FeedthePony' wants me to answer and which the rest of you just have to put up with!

What were you doing 10 years ago?

1996...hmmm, I was working in a crummy sandwich bar which for the most part I quite enjoyed. I had been married for a year and was living in a housing association rabbit hutch with a number of cats and a lovely garden.

What were you doing 5 years ago?

2001..hmm, I graduated from DMU in English. Got the result I wanted to treated myself to a tattoo of a lizard. By then we had got a house of our own, two cats and it was also the year I had some major surgery

What were you doing 1 year ago?
2005 hmmm...(checks the diary), oh blimey, glad i checked back to last april 12, it's a mates birthday i'd completely forgotten about... I went for a run, picked up some pottery I was having fired, watched 'The Big Blue and looked at the photos I'd taken the previous day at the zoo.

5 Bad habits you have
biting my nails, leaving things to the last minute, always being 10 minutes late, letting our house become untidy and eating muffins when I know I'll feel guilty and fat the minute I've shoved the last delicious crumb into my mouth. (i've given them up for lent, though I fear not for reasons of religious abstemiousness rather any excuse to reduce my fat intake)

5 People you would like to do this: Anyone who reads my blog please.

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soulmining said...

Thanks for that... I don't normally go for those, but they're fun to do occasionally...