15 April 2006


feeling a darn sight comfier than i did 14 years ago.
i'm on 2 weeks holiday now and not a moment too soon. haven't stopped rushing for months and months. even our wonderful holiday last month was wall to wall activity. i plan to see some ppl i haven't spent enough time with in ages, get the jumble sale looking like a house again and catch up on lots of important things like sleep, gardening, watching films, reading books, tidying up and did i mention sleeping?
oh and at least one interview that i know about.


blueduck said...

yippee! which one is it for and when?

kumquat said...

thursday bedford! sent email to mk saying i didn't want to be presumptuous but if my application there was going to go anywhere they'd have to contact me at home. i'm pretty hopeful i'll get 2 interviews. will keep you posted!