1 April 2006

I'm Not Scared.

Buy this!!! 99p at Waterstones and a better value read you won't find anywhere for a long time. This story is amazing! My boss told me to read it so I could explain the ending to him. It's the 2nd Italian author book in a row as recommended by him and I was wary as the first title was a bit pap. (Camilleri) Wow, I started this morning and could not put it down. The protaganist is an 8 or 9 year old boy living out in the countryside of Italy. Cycling out in the stifling heat of the summer of '78, he makes a startling discovery out in the woods playing forfeits with a gang of mates. I'm not telling you anything else but it's page turning, evocatively written, suspenseful and touching. READ IT!!


Phillie said...

But there is one book that provides a better value for money: The Cutting Room by Louise Welsh. At 99p it's the same price but I enjoyed it a heck of a lot more than Ammaniti's.

Also, heard Erasure by Percival Everett is also outstanding. It's next on my list!

kumquat said...

well all i'm saying is that the reason everitt is in the 'books to discover' promo is because of ME!! remember that work email asking us to recommend little known authors? oh yes!! i read 'american desert', adored it and put his name forward. i hope he's listening because his sudden jump in sales is down to me.

Did you not like the Ammaniti or just not as much as the cutting room? i really thought it was gripping but of course now i'm going to have to read the welsh now!

Phillie said...

I liked Ammaniti but I think The Cutting Room is in my 'all-time top 10 (fiction)'. They were both very gripping but I loved Welsh's prose. An incredibly easy but invigorating read.

And congrats on your influencing of HO promotions! Maybe you'll receive some kind of reward. Am thinking a voucher for Ottakars??

kumquat said...

ouch!! wash your mouth out, renegade!

soulmining said...

They made a film of I'm Not Scared a couple of years ago... I haven't seen it (yet) but it got good reviews.