1 April 2006

Brian Houston

Went to see Brian Houston play
March 31st, 2006 Bedford,
The ent. Shed Gordon Arms,
Castle Rd.
last night. First time I'd seen him / heard of him but was dragged along by my sis-in-law. Glad I went! Liked him a lot. Quite a loveable scruffbag.

Take a look if you like. www.brianhouston.com She told me he was a bit Bob Dylan sounding. Sometimes he sounds a bit too country for my liking but others of his tracks are pretty rocky and very likeable. A lot of the songs have a pretty sad, solemn content (drunk fathers, getting life threatening news, betrayal) but between songs he's hilarious, stopping to tell funny anecdotes and banter with the audience. Shame there weren't more people there.

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