29 March 2006

nuffield visit

ok well the news is not awful. basically we got option 'b'. the tumour has not grown which is of course, great news. the consultant maintains that it has been there for a long time. we now have to decide whether to leave it alone and just check up on it from time to time or go ahead with radiotherapy and shrink it. i know what i would do but esentially it's not my decision (also my opinion hasn't been asked yet!) The next step will be an appointment with the oncologist at Addenbrookes to talk through the process of treatment that will give us more of an idea of what we're accepting or turning down. One further meeting with the consultant after that and we'll be ready to make a final decision.

thank you so much for your interest and concern. it's been a pretty trying time and we both still feel a bit up in the air about what's going on just because it's hard to turn off those months-long feelings of waiting and wondering.

and now i'm going to write a post more light hearted things so you're not greeted with news about brain tumours the second you log on here!!

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