10 April 2015

When vocabulary turns bad!

Was on a plane today with a child who had yet to learn the rudiments if aeronautical jargon. So instead of commenting that we are coming in to land we end up with a situation where a small child is screaming; 'We're going down! We're going down!'

Speaking of planes, mini-me is in one at the moment. Probably somewhere over Asia. He is headed Oz-wards .

Am in a hostel on Gran Canaria myself. Tried somewhere I've not been to before and further across the island than previously explored. Loving the cute Fiat 500 I've hired and overlooking the extra 100€ they charged that I still haven't really gotten my head around. Hostel took a bit of locating but once I got there I was rewarded with puppies!!!

A pretty harbour, a bird I have yet to identify and pasta pesto for tea all make for a good first evening.

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