26 March 2015

The desert taxi experience

We are on our way home from a great couple of nights away and we are in a 'grand taxi'.

The two men in the front have their arms around each other. Not through any particular affection but because neither being the driver, they are sharing the passenger seat.

In the back there are four of us. Two... substantial...ladies taking 2/3 of the space and Hannah and me, now part-time contortionists, with various pains in our sides, backs, arms, are squeezed into one normal seat's space. Hannah is clinging on to the seat with half of what she should be and the rest of her weight is pressing down on my right foot. Three hours to go.

The driver has his window fully wound down and is leaning out of his window in order to see the road. The windscreen has seen many years of desert sand blasting and is now fully opaque unless a cloud crosses the sky!

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