13 March 2014

Twin tub


There is something rather romantic about doing your washing in a twin tub. Last time I used a twin tub was the early 80's.


You patiently wait while the first side fills with water by a tube from a tap on the wall. Time to make a brew while you wait.
Then you add your soap powder and set for a few minutes to spin. When that's done you transfer small amounts of clothes into the spinner and rinse with water from the hose. You stand there thinking how nice it is to just take your time over a job instead of pressing a button and rushing on to the next thing. You fluff up the clothes and hope the spinner works. You squash down the clothes and hope the spinner works. You repeat the above two instructions about half a dozen times. The spinner works. You tell yourself a slower pace of life is good thing. You hang up those clothes and start rinsing off the next small amount of clothes. You continue battling with the spinner for several more small loads. You drink some of that cold coffee you made. You hang out the last of the clothes and start on the second load. You wish you could somehow be doing something else at the same time. You crouch down to avoid leg cramps.



Wrinkly hands, overly damp clothes, a whole morning gone, wet floors & questionably clean clothes.


There is nothing romantic about using a twin tub.

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