21 March 2014

The land that customer service forgot

Spitting feathers!

We are told the bus leaves at midday, then 11:30, then 10:30. The next day we are told it leaves at 11:00. It's gone 12:00 and there's no sign of movement.

We see all the bags loaded except ours. We go and ask why. We are told we have to take our own bags. They have already charged us double for our luggage.

We load our bags and get on the bus. Two men are sitting in seats 13 & 14. Ours. We point this out. One of the guys says there are no numbers on the seats. We point to the numbers on the seats. He says he knows but he's found his place.

We get off the bus. We are told to get on a different bus. We point out that our luggage is on this bus so no, we are not getting on another bus. No-one is really listening.

We try ask what is happening. We are ignored. Ten minutes later we ask again. We are told to wait. Ten minutes later I ask again. I am ignored

The driver starts to shut the door to the bus. I stick my foot in the door and repeat 'no'. Loudly. I resist because my travelling companion is uncomfortable with my barely contained rage at their ineptitude and rudeness.

We stand for another ten minutes watching the man trying to sort out the problem standing and chatting with his mates.

We get on the bus. Bristling. They get us two seats together. I blog to process so my travelling companion doesn't have be on the receiving end of my outrage.

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