14 September 2012


I was excited to be offered Finley the chihuahua for a walk and though he was initially nervous, he soon skipped along beside me and we headed to the beach which is just 3 or 4 minutes walk.

He is a super cute dog and speedy legs-a-blur at full tilt. We went a good distance along the beach then turned round to come back. Fin is a very social dog and bounced up to any other dog that came his way.

The only problem arose when he needed to be put back on the lead..! He would not come anywhere near me! Treats made no difference, his ball (which as I write, I realise got left on the beach!) didn't distract him and even three different families trying didn't work. We walked on a bit further then suddenly he bolted. I followed him over the hill and saw him ripping up the turf (exaggeration? Ed.) as he streaked round a corner some 150m in the distance. That was when I started both praying & running. I got to the corner and saw a dog-void path ahead of me. I decided this had to be some part of the training programme, ya know like, how far will you let yourself get out of your depth before you'll have the humility to ask for help. I called straight away...and got an ansaphone. Twice. A lifetime later (possibly a full minute) I had a call from the centre and a few seconds later I could hear; "what a good boy for finding your way home!"

Well quite! It's a good job he's cute but really, recall skills - nul points!

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