13 September 2012

Addictions and antidotes

I live in Wales. Weird, huh?

So I've been here a little under 24 hours and I have established that my three main addictions are fully catered for and provision has been seamless.

They have wi-fi. There is a dog (Finn) who comes to work. They have coffee on tap.

I was the first to arrive and to my unspeakably huge relief, I found there are only two other girls who will be sharing my dorm. I bagsied a bunk and began the
process of fitting my life into an under-the-bed drawer, a drawer in a unit, two baskets on a shelf and 2 coat hangers! My books are on a shelf and I have a bedside cabinet stuffed with cakes, cereal bars, yoghurt raisins and M&M's from Ted!

Minky is hanging from the monkey bars and his picture will shortly appear on his Facebook! I strung up lights under the top bunk so I have a cosy glow that is oddly comforting. Of course the mad-lurcher-lady cushion made the cut and is there too!

It's been a surreal few weeks and I expect I will need to put in some deliberate cave time for a while but with the beach very close, a tank full of petrol in the ped & all my addictions being fed, it's all looking good.

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