30 July 2007

mal du pays

900 miles. 24 hours driving. Bedford to Nancy return. demenagement.

Took a road trip with Alimal to help her sister move back to the UK. It was a lot of fun. Essentially we got to sit and talk to each other for two lots of 12 hours which, given our respective jobs, was a real treat to do so much catching up.

The aller was sharing our histories as punctuated by boyfriends. The retour was our histories by houses. A very interesting way to get to know your best friend. Again.

We also did our top 10 desert island discs which had a few surprises here and there.

Alimal managed to talk me out of doing a tiny detour via Luxembourg and Belgium (so I could get in a couple more countries on my check list). Also I wanted to show her Chantilly, where I lived, visit Thionville where a friend lives and ..... well, we had a ferry to catch so I had to make do with collecting another stamp in my passport.

Great to be able to speak so much French again with Marc, Fidele & Didier.

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