27 July 2007


After having been completely out of the loop of what was happening on planet earth due to selling hundreds and hundreds of HP7, entertaining queues with fire eating and jelly beans, we decided to head off to the country for a spot of camping. We fancied something rural, historic, attractive and far enough away from home to feel like we were away. So off we drove. . . . . . . to Tewkesbury. Hmmm. Didn't have a clue what we were letting ourselves in for until we got to the main road in and found that it was now a lake. That's ok we think, let's just turn round and find a road that goes in the north side. Then a passerby tells us the campsite is under 5 foot of water. Interesting. Actually hilarious. Not ones to be stressed by anything as minor as a ruined holiday, we found a B&B for the first night then chanced upon Cotswold Farm Park to camp for the second night. What a fab place. If only my computer wasn't screwed up with virus', I'd be able to show you the pictures of baby goats trying to eat me!

Mini-me chose something he wanted to see at the theatre months ago and I had ordered tickets for Wednesday's production of 'Philistines' by Gorky. Wow. A really fantastic production with some amazing acting from the daughter and the father in particular. Best of all was the creme brulee in the interval...no no...i mean, best of all was seeing mini-me enjoying some proper theatre.

Another trip to CLWS in the evening which was ace though marked by the absence of General Pinotage. Wines of North-East Italy. The usual pattern of whites followed by reds and finishing with a dessert wine. If only I lived in London and didn't have to think about the train fares every time I signed up for the next evening. Now looking forward to wines of Albion!

Saw HP5 at the cinema and it was good to see the actors and actresses a few years older and their acting improving. Some very cool scenes. Lots of fun.

Last night the girls whooped the boys at Articulate in small group. As we were winning FOR THE FIRST TIME, the guys proposed we went round the board twice!!! We still beat 'em!

Today I'm meant to be playing golf with the Borrower but I can't get into contact with her :(

Later a gang of us are going to the High Ropes centre in Irthlingborough :)

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Anonymous said...

Baby bunnies, slug pellets, John Betjimin??? the capital of where? Amazing how 4 relatively intelligent people can be quite so ignorant/mislead/hysterical!! But we won!!!!!