23 April 2007


horse guard's parade with smiles of relief all round. over 9K raised for dyslexia action. the quotable tim said 'can we have one lady each' about this photo. i'm sure he meant 'shall we stand boy girl boy girl for this photo' but it came out wrong....
philip's medal seemed to suggest he had finished 27th but i may be putting a degree of spin on that. the main thing is he finished! as did a number of other venerable names...

No sign of the giant running bakewell tarts or the troupe of prisoners all chained together in this photo. This is Philip at 20.5 miles.

Just beyond 'the wall' and the pain has really begun to set in.

Good effort chaps.

Striking a pose of such effortless nonchalence after 26 miles takes some doing!

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