6 December 2006

last night i caught a glimpse of f-nakaj'sbf.
i approve.
not that my approval was required.
all i have to say is that anyone who calls that silly hair but prefers this;

needs their eyes testing!


Anonymous said...

who is that? i like it.


kumquat said...

leonardo di caprio!

Anonymous said...

oh i didn't know that was him, is this the titanic film?, jack relaxes after a bit of jigging. (that's not a cryptic so don't go pondering)

how many miles now?

kumquat said...

i presume it's titanic, dunno.

still on 5 miles i'm afraid. i tried six yesterday and my legs told me to.........take a hike?

i did a mile and simply couldn't go on.

i guess it just goes that way sometimes.will try again after i've rested for a few more days. i guess i have run 9 miles this week.