3 December 2006


I need to up my running distance by a mile a week from now on if I'm going to stand a chance of completing the London Marathon.
So today I ran four miles. It took me 55 minutes which I know is really slow BUT it was further and longer than I've run before so I'm happy with that.
Bad news is that I've not been accepted through the ballot and all the Oxfam Gold Bonds have gone which means I have to find another charity to run for that still has places. I'm rather miffed about that.
But I ran four miles !!!!!
Need to plan a five miler for Thursday. >gulp<


blueduck said...


Anonymous said...

but what happens to the donations given on the website for oxfam?

kumquat said...

Well they go to Oxfam. I am rather cross about it butI guess at the end of the day, they're a good cause and all that but it means I have to start my fundraising from scratch which is infuriating.