8 November 2006


'Over the road' gets Gordon, we get Barbie. You'll have to wait for the pics of me and Gordon. >>sigh<<

ANYway...yes, we got Barbie, who - cover the ears of your children - only pretends to be Barbie part time to fill in the gaps for her acting career. Just don't mention how she has to dress up as an elf for her next bit job!

Lovely girl etc etc and not at all like the scathing reports of unmentionable rep (think rusty compass) who clearly thought the Barbie he'd seen wasn't sexy enough.

Which reminds me how good it feels to have seen my last rep of the year today. The really quite bearable chap from Penguin. He came into the office and said 'I see you're taking up a second career'. I thought, hit me, what now? Journalism.Turns out he was talking about my review in The Bookseller. A stunning few lines of literary genius likely to set the bookselling world alight. Maybe.

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