28 August 2006


Oops, should have credited Mr Auster with the photos I nicked. Here you goes: http://newyorktrilogy.livejournal.com/

So anyway, thinking I was going to go to a gallery or summat today with fire-eating P, I didn't take my camera. In the end we went to Notting Hill Carnival. So I hijacked his camera and will supply you with pictures soon.

However the pictures can't show you the atmosphere, the vibration of bass in your chest, the smell of Jerk chicken, the sheer volume of people crowding the streets and the pain I still have in my right leg, akin to a trapped nerve, from having been pounding the pavement for 5 hours.

It's an experience everyone should have tucked away for posterity. I had a fab afternoon thank you Peter.

Also some sweetheart bought me presents today. Uber expensive paper, canvases and oil paints for me to play with...and a boxed set of Monty Python's Flying Circus. Whoever they are should know better. But THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!! x x x

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