29 August 2006

close shave

Monty is just out hospital after being hit by a car. All is well. He had a miraculous escape but has a few stitches and is getting over the sedation which makes him even more affectionate and cute if such a thing were possible. He looks like he's done a few rounds with the worst wound being under his right eye which is split below the lid. Precious critter.

Other breaking news of staggering importance:

I am drinking Floc de Gascogne an aperitif brought back from holiday.
I did my first oil painting today it was lousy but i had fun.
I've joined the amazon dvd rental scheme and my first film, 'Delicatessen' is on its way. Anyone is free to make recommendations if you have half an idea of my taste.
Only 2 precious days before I have to go back to work. I love my job but at this current stage in my life I'm struggling to give a credible performance of someone who gives a damn.


Phillie said...


I hope the little accident doesn't make Monty any less hyperactively gorgeous

kumquat said...

He's cool. A little more hug-needy which is not a problem but otherwise coming out of the sedation and returning to loopy lurcher status.

Top points awarded to the Fordham kids for sending Monty a get well card. I read it to Monty and he was very touched. I thought about taping it up inside his kennel but mini-me gave pointed out that he would probably eat it.

I might yet. When he's not looking.

hee hee

blueduck said...

and it's get well soon monty from us too.

i have just spent 5 days at the cinema watching horror movies!! faberoonie!!!

but dvds i would recommend are too numerous to mention here

Anonymous said...

The name Monty conjures up the film Withnail and I, 20 years old and still worth a view. Student quoting can be annoying now but among the obvious classic quotes are brilliant emotive lines like..

Laissez-moi respirer longtemps, longtemps, l'odeur de tes cheveux. Oh Baudelaire. Brings back such memories of Oxford. I.... [voice over interrupts] followed by yet another anecdote about his sensitive crimes in a punt with a chap called Norman who had red hair and a poetry book stained with the butterdrips from crumpets.

talking of Baudelaire (which is just a keeping up with the jones way of saying Bowdler). interesting fact - Thomas Bowdler produced an expurgated edition of Shakespeare in the 19th Century, don'tcha know. hope things are beginning to be made clear.

gave Monty a treat for me,

'oh Woe is me' said the shortened name for a unit of weight which is being replaced by the Kg because of European directives.

kumquat said...

now i'm getting both of those cryptics mr reversed exclamation of pain and a strike short of a full chime!!

ha ha ha.

but the first one i wouldn't have got in a million years.

a fruit caught out?