10 July 2006

to infinity and beyond

if i were lucky enough to have synaesthesia, i would describe today as having been mid to dark grey and set to some haunting strains of Mahler.

"Wouldn't you just die without Mahler?" (Trish in Educating Rita)


Today i bought a tent!!!!! I am excited to the point of becoming a complete nerd about this. I also bought a kettle, stove, bed and lamp. I'm going to take myself off for three nights next month while mini-me is doing other stuff and brave a holiday alone miles from home. I am alternately feeling empowered and terrified! Lurching between thinking this is a completely bad idea and i could sit at home in the warm and dry feeling sorry for myself and beaming at my own desire for self reliance and explorer spirit. at the moment i'm mostly feeling stoked but this may be the after effects of retail therapy. (giggles) I bought one of those uber cool pop out tents that you literally take out of the bag, hold at arms length and hey presto you have a fully working home. dead cheap it woz. they love me in milletts!


Big Uni Town Boss said...

Ah yes, the lure of the great outdoors ... Look-warm tea, the unidentifiable contents of label-less tins, damp bedding, un-nerving brushes with supposedly domesticated animals and their waste products, agressive farmers and being at the mercy of an unpredictable climate ...

I feel I'm more at the rest home on the south coast end of the holiday market at the moment. The A14 is taking it's toll on my zest for life.

Which branch of Millets was it ? I'll go and throw stones at their windows for you.

kumquat said...


I was thinking less of the damp bedding and more about the complete absence of the general idiot population asking about books!!

I have a kettle and a stove and when i've got a brew on i'm not going nowhere for nobody nor nuffink.

I may well sit in a tent and read books and cry for three days but you what, i still think it's going to be good for me!