13 May 2006

wet weekend

A few months ago my garden was a tiny rectangle of concrete, uneven concrete at that. A few pots and lots of rubbish. Now look!

No time at all since JJ and I were pushing in roots of things we didn't know would spread.

And of course a few obligatory purchases to get things going, like this willow and three climbers that are loving the rain we're having.

Before you know it the place is full of colour and texture. I go out every morning before work to see how much further the shoots have grown or how the tendrils are curling round the support wires.

I've had fun reclaiming some old tiles from a table we once had and getting bargains on left overs. It took a bit of courage to stick them up on the walls but I think they look quite cool. The plan is that the plants will grow over them and you'll just catch glimpses of them.

And it's not just me looking forward to the better weather!


blueduck said...

absolutely gorgeous. i can't wait to see it! there's nothing like spending a day in the garden. mine needs a bit more work but the first bbq was planned for tonight...until it chucked it down!!

kumquat said...

cool. must sort out a weekend soon. sorry i asked at such short notice this time round. soon as i am installed at 216 i'll invite again for my first weekend off.

Anonymous said...

i remember someone giving me a twig shootling thing to plant in my garden. oh yes the expert said this is a cherry tree. wow, i said i've always wanted a cherry tree, one that i can nurture and reap the rewards of a bumper crop. so 10 years later it has grown to over 30 feet high. it is indeed a cherry tree, a wild cherry tree that you can't eat the fruit, but the starlings love it and just as the berries ripen i have 6 billion starlings descend on my lone orchard to blacken the skies and scoff.
that aside i do like to sit in my garden, close my eyes and drift away.
small world,
el bow

kumquat said...

wouldn't that be nice.