8 May 2006


Sent a grouchy text to Mr K telling him I was waiting to find out if he'd collected my prescription as I felt awful. Mysteriously got a text back from Lotus telling me he thought I might have sent it to the wrong person. haha! oops. Anyway, I'm fine really!

No-one cashed up yesterday so I spent hours sorting out two days worth of properly messed up tills and petty annoyances which boil down to people being a bit shoddy. But of course I was waiting for interview results so petty annoyance quickly turned to general irritation at everything.

So. No phone call. No result. Strange, cos "M" is startlingly efficient. They must be negotiating my payrise. (ie...will they bother giving me one!)

Finished reading 'Republic of Trees'. Very good but ends quite chillingly in the last 50 pages or so. You can pretty much see it coming but it's still disturbing. Deciding what to read next. Probably another Everitt cos the last one I read by him I loved with a passion. Although the mantlepiece in the bedroom should be bowing under the weight of yet to reads.

Need to sleep. The alarm goes off in 6 hours.

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