28 January 2006

"mmm, nice."

Went out for Jazz and wine on Thursday night. (blogged it the same night but it disappeared.)
Fresco's coffee shop turns into a wine bar once a month in the evenings and I've been meaning to book up for ages.
Mr K had a hideous migraine, throwing up in a bucket and getting pins and needles but still insisted I went out. Being the cold blooded creature that I am and also knowing that he just needed to sleep and the best I could do was empty sick buckets, I did as I was told.
The wine was excellent. Something red and Argentinian. I should remember the names so I can drop them like I always drink posh stuff. The served food as well. I think all the dishes were cheese of some sort so I went for mozzarella, avocado, tomato and basil. Very good.
The music wasn't bad. Didn't knock me sideways but it was pleasant and unobtrusive so I got to chat with my mates, Mole and JJ.
I might have heard more of the music if JJ hadn't been singing that much loved classic 'We love big bananas' and the tune to Rhubarb and Custard with such gusto. Thank goodness Mole was there to reign her in with sensible comments like 'You tell [Mr K] him to stop playing up the brain tumour and show a bit of committment to his mates next time.' hahahahaha. (even mr k, feeling like his head was in a clamp, laughed at that when i told him.)

Must repeat soon when Mr K isn't being a big girl's blouse ;)

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