6 May 2015


Dear intermittent readers,

Today's silent podcast comes to you from the heartland of idiocy and having to state the screamingly obvious over and over again.

Yes! I'm on a coach and having to engage with the local upholders of law and disorder.

At every stop we give out sheets with every detail of who we are short of vital statistics and yet, even after reading our forms we are asked about our jobs, nationalities etc.

For some reason they are obsessed with finding out which location we entered the country. Yes, it's on the form. We entered at our home town. Unless you have arrived by paraglider or submarine, you can ONLY have entered the country via the airport.

AND YET, almost without fail we are asked if we entered the country at the airport. Bearing in mind how much we travel and that a journey such as today requires EIGHT stops to make sure we haven't had a change of date of birth between one pile of sandy rocks and the next, this process gets more than a little irksome.

Today our friendly 'pillock of society' insisted that there were other routes in. Our ire was up and we began a polite but assertive rebuttal of his palpable dimwitedness.

His logic ran thus; he knew of three people who entered the country in another place and arrived at our town by car. We pointed out the flaw that if that were the case we wouldn't then say that our point of entry was not our town but the other. Maintaining his civic duty of standing his ground in the face of being thoroughly disproved, he pushed back the frontiers of common sense and extended the boundaries of arrogance by saying we could have arrived on...bicycles!

Not since E.T my friend, not since E.T

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