18 February 2015

Are you for Rial?

It should have been a simple transaction.

How much are your mlhfa?

Really? That's a phenomenal bargain, we think. 18 dhirams a mlhfa is great.

So 72 for four?

No, 16.


16 each.

Ok, so 64?


We hand the man 100 dhirams and he laughs at us.

No, no. This will buy one.

But you said they were 18 each?


So how much?

360 dhirams.


Of course. You omitted to add the word 'hundred' after you said '18' and naturally you are working in a no-longer-used currency, the rial, meaning that your '18' needed to be multiplied by 100, (because your 18 meant 1800) have a zero removed from the end and then divided by two. Silly me. So when you say 18, you mean 90.

Good day to you sir.

Ok then! So
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