26 January 2015

Gee thanks

This evening we are sorting through the sacks of stuff we have been given by others leaving the country and in a hurry to ditch what they don't want to keep. Mostly given in a well-meaning manner from people I love but that doesn't mean I'm not going to gently mock them.

Recipe books (in Chinese)

Stamping pads (without ink or stamps)

Glue sticks (dry)

Empty envelopes (used)

Enough TEFL material to open a language school

Carpet samples

Dictionaries (in two different Arabic dialects I'm not learning)

Worthy books I have no time to read

Lyrics to songs (in Chinese)

Plastic cable ties (unusable)

Home-burned cd's (in no language I speak or anyone else I know)

Photographs (of someone else's family at a wedding)

Bags I would think twice about giving to charity

Let me know if you need any of this ;)

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