20 February 2014

A rum couple of weeks!

I attend a Moroccan wedding that is so utterly different from other weddings I've been to down here that I'm nigh on scandalised to see the bride
1) smiling
2) in public
3) with the groom

I recreate the fresh cream Belgian bun experience for Sarah who has come out to see me for a week and with whom I share many a fresh cream Belgian bun story

Hannah decides to mutate into a cat with limited success

I meet a waitress who screams when I speak to her in Arabic (not as common as you'd think!), tells me she likes me, exchanges numbers, invites me to meet her family and have Friday couscous, shows me the family goats and offers me one when the next kids are born! A doe is currently pregnant. I cuddle a baby goat who sighs deeply and falls asleep on my neck.

I turn 42 and celebrate this milestone in maturity by horsing around in the desert with palm branches.

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