7 January 2014

Bedford; the final throes

The day before leaving for the sand pit, I visited a new café in town that is about as atypical of Bedford High Street as 'Noble Rot' is of Tavistock Street.

It's called 'Coffee with Art'. Check out the wall;

If Pinterest was a café it would be this place

A beautifully designed space with paintings and photographs on the walls

A book theme to make any bibliophile weak at the knees and a refreshingly novel cake selection to keep an ADD gourmand indecisive

The pièce de resistance for me was a wildly eccentric installation at the far end that looks like books are exploding through the wall

I picked out one tiny book and found The Book of Common Prayer inscribed with 1916

This is the kind of place that you hope is so successful it stays for many years but conversely you hope not too many people get to hear about because its your hideout!

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SimianSimon said...

Hello kumqwat. Looks like a joyful blessing for a book lover before more adventures with sand. Good luck and LTNS. Simon W