9 December 2013

Landmark moment!

I'm allowed into a local kitchen to cook!! This really is a special moment as I sit with one of my sisters preparing 'lardus' (lentils) and fish.

I prepped the lentil part of the meal with interjections about how to do it properly :)

Lentils, 'madness & kuspoor' (parsley & coriander), skingerbeer (ginger), kimown (cumin), bsla (onions), madisha (tomatoes), thm (garlic) bubbles away on a single ring gas bottle.

The fish steams with onion and potatoes and a salad is prepared.
Grated cucumber, peeled tomatoes...and we chatter away in a unique combination of French and Arabic!

Later I'm given the job of finishing off some embroidery she's never got round to finishing

I was given a typically Berber item to wear for the task!

Next I was taught how to make one of my favourite types of bread here; msmn.
Kneading in a traditional bread plate

Rolled into balls, flattened into pancakes, folded into squares then fried until they look like this;

The saucer on the left is amlou. A pretty good day in my book!

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