30 June 2013


Bircher (pronounced birker) muesli has just come into my line of view in the last 36 hours but I am already a convert. The inspired recipe of Swiss Dr Bircher.

I had a pot of it at EAT, the lunch place a bit like prêt à manger. It had mango sauce on top and was bloomin' lush. I looked up a recipe straight away and made it once I arrived at my folks.

If you don't know what it is, think of cold porridge with loads of really good yoghurt, fruit and seeds mixed in. It's like that but tastes 100 times better than it sounds.

And of course there's a great Anne story to go with it! Anne's father was operated on by Dr Bircher himself in Switzerland. He had to be brought down a mountain on a sledge (not even a skiing accident, just a bizarre set of circumstances designed to make for good reading) in order for Muesli-man to save his life.

So go ahead and soak yourself some oats in milk and honey overnight then stir in as many crazy nuts, seeds, fruit and yoghurt and think of the doc.

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