3 April 2013

Down and left a bit; a guide to finding and enjoying Cornwall

I had a great Easter week-end, only hampered by a self-inflicted rule to blog in book titles.

Falmouth, Cornwall is beautiful. It has that south coast vibe of style-infused élan that comes from a population of art students and the staggeringly rich.
I stayed with a couple of ex-architecture/photography students now married with kids and open to his mum and her tag-along friend (me) staying four nights.

Falmouth is all about boats. The dock currently has the world's longest yacht in at the moment, not for repairs though but to be made longer!! Learnt lots of interesting stuff about how boats are made and the misleadingly named "world" championships of various boats only made and raced in the area!

Coffees at a beach-side restaurant that provides blankets on the terrace, lunch at a tiny café with its own bakery and more fritzy boutiques than you can shake a stick at.

(I have subsequently tried to find a uniform description for the word fritzy. It does not exist. From henceforth, fritzy shall mean something eccentrically eclectic with an alternative edge and a smattering of bijou)

Had a pretty cool trip from Falmouth to St Mawes on the foot ferry, Easter Sunday afternoon with the grand-daughter of the former bishop of Cairo and her husband, the local vicar who was talking about a knight of the realm who attended his church that morning.

This is Louis, the collie/red setter X who was making the same ferry trip.

All in all a great weekend and I didn't even get round to Rick Stein's fish and chippery. Next time maybe?

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