9 March 2013

Street pastors

This evening, as part of our trip to Scotland, we went out with a team of street pastors to the centre of Glasgow.(www.streetpastors.co.uk)

SP's look out for anyone vulnerable. They see young people home safely after a messy night out, give first aid, collect glass bottles from the pavements and dispose of them so they can't be used as weapons, give out flip flops in the early hours to girls struggling in high heels and are used by bouncers who see people in trouble and radio in for help. Essentially these are the good guys who proverbially ( or literally), 'hold your hair' while you puke.

It was a pretty quiet evening but we only stayed for the first half of the evening while the real heroes stayed out til 4a.m.

It was summed up for me as; 'The least cringy way...of working out your faith'

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