14 February 2013

Burkina yarns

Welcome back to 'Lighter Bites' and this week I shall provide for your delectation, tales and curiosities from beyond the Volta.

This picture is the start of an unusual cup of coffee. It is a long glug of condensed milk with a sprinkling of Nescafé. Once the hot water ready, your glass is filled up and you mix up the milk and water for something that tastes like a latte with half a bottle of syrup shots added. Great to bring you back to life after a long journey!

This picture, being in my top 5 favourites from my time in West Africa, is a lorry side used as a blackboard. Here, the future simple tense has been explained.

In my ten days, I visited Ouagadougou (pronounced waga...), Koubri & Bobo Dialasso.

It was my first time in West Africa, sleeping under a mosquito net and eating millet. My first time going into a neighbourhood at night and seeing 200+ people coming out to watch a film in the square. My first time taking anti-malarials, doing public-speaking in French and watching Burkina get to the semi's in the African Cup of Nations. (Eventually got to the final but lost to Nigeria.)

I found the country to be resourceful;

Refreshingly free of H&S regulations;



welcoming, diverse and safe;

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