18 November 2012

DT; On the fourth day we came up, went down & climbed up

Have tried so many times to write this then had it deleted that you're getting it like a telegram!
Climbed out of cave at 4:30 a.m. Pitch black still hammering down with rain.
Half of group went to the 'bothy' (look it up!) and rest of us went to Rhossili Bay to abseil, rock climb and smash our knees up on rocks. Oh. No. That was just me.
Wet, tired, in pain and cold. Drove to somewhere in Black Mountains. No real idea where in our staggering, aimless state of exhaustion, brought on by one hour of sleep.

(20m down in the cave)
Walked a couple of km to bothy where we were due to spend the night. It was flooded. Rain torrential. Feet cold. Mood diabolical. Ate meal. Threatened with hike. Took group decision to get back to North Dock (home) and finish off our tasks early in the morning.
There is so much more to say but it will have to wait.

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