1 September 2012

Iceland the incredible

Have enjoyed ticking some things off that 'must do before you die' list.
Since the end of the cold war, settled here in Iceland's capital, I've thought Reykjavik should be somewhere to go. I don't know that even 'Ray gun' & Gorbachev could have had as amazing a time as I'm having.
Watching Strokker, the most active geyser on the island, erupting every few minutes was mind-boggling even when you have understood the science behind it. Watching the cold pool water heave and sigh then lift up to form a large half globe before the hot water pushes through and jets high above my head will stay with me forever.

The steam rising from the earth as you're stood in the cold and pouring rain makes for a very alien landscape.

I bought a waterproof case for my phone and headed to the local-must-experience hot pools in the outdoor, public baths.

I feel like a degree in geology would help me really appreciate this place but even without that I was awed by seeing the North American and European tectonic plates (slowly) ripping up the earth and creating deep gashes in the landscape.

Visited Gulfoss which is a huge two-tier waterfall with spray that rushes up in clouds as the water thunders underneath.

I am here with my fellow adventurer, Kirste. We are staying in an ├╝ber cool hostel where everything is in a pleasing shabby-chic style and eclectic mix of industrial lights, retro tiles, well stocked library of photographic books and antique bird cages!

The weather is mostly lousy but as I have noted from previous holidays, when I look back on them a few months afterwards, I remember the experiences but rarely the rain. So I'm here, cold & wet but soaking up every moment of relaxation, adventure & discovery.

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