16 September 2012

Don't dare me!

We'd just eaten an enormous roast beef & Yorkshire pudding dinner, seconds and all when someone said; 'I'll give anyone a fiver if they'll jump in North Dock, RIGHT NOW, with all their clothes on. This is how it looks;

I leant forward; 'Really?'
I exchanged glances across the table with a girl who'd just been saying that sometimes girls can be more adventurous than boys.

My phone was out of my pocket, my rings on the table and i was haring out the door to try and be the first off and the first in.

Three of us were running. Just as we were about to jump, some others ran up yelling not to jump because we would kill ourselves. Apparently the water's about 2 ft deep at that point. So, narrowly escaping 2 broken legs and a shattered spine, we bombed it into the water, me shouting 'Im not feeling the cold! I'm not feeling the cold!'

Guess I'm putting a wash on this afternoon.

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1 comment:

Cheryl Loosemore said...

this really made me smile! glad all bones are still intact too :)