31 July 2012

The week's round up

So glad everyone is talking about the Olympics. Of course there are a few whingers saying the opening ceremony was no good but thankfully most people thought it was a fabulous spectacle.

I have found previous opening ceremonies fun but a bit odd. A friend suggested that non-English people may have thought the same about ours. Did I just enjoy it because I understood all the references, I wonder.

I agree with someone else's comment that the most sporting person there was the queen for agreeing to take part in a Bond style sketch!

I watched it all at my church as we had an open event with a big screen, BBQ, games for kids and medal ceremony.

At the weekend I had a day out to London to meet Ted, my fab bro-in-law. It was lovely to drink coffee, wander across Hampstead Heath, Golders Green Park, eat a sharing plate of ribs, chicken & lamb kofta, chat, laugh and put the world to rights.

In the evening I went to Clapham Parish Church's sports quiz evening, ate Tim & Greta's delicious sloppy pulled pork, listened to a great talk by torch-bearer & wheelchair-adventurer Barry Funnell and produced a miserable score in the quiz. Great fun!

On Sunday I had Jo, who I lived with in Morocco earlier this year, come and visit for the day. Foisted as many of much of my stuff onto her as I could. A lovely, lovely day of eating my slow-cooked venison, talking about transition, men who need to see what they're missing (!) and enjoying coffee at Woodlands Manor.

Now my week is a dust-cloud of moving furniture, packing books, selling my freezer & wardrobe. Allergies at a premium! But on the horizon looms a trip to the Olympics. Please tune in for the Morocco-Spain match tomorrow and scour the crowd for two face-painted crazies waving atcha!
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