2 July 2011

Sardinia: Day 4

Made it to breakfast this morning for about half nine as I had to catch the bus at 11. Said goodbye to Giuseppe and walked to the bus station. Loved the adventure of catching a bus out somewhere I'd never been before. Arrived in Baia Chia and was settled on the beach by 12:30. It's a really gorgeous location. Sparsely populated, found down a long sandy path before arriving at a large expanse of sand with a tower at one end, up on a hill, lakes surrounded by tall reddes behind the beach and a small cafe with tables and palm leaf parasols. Rocky hills in the background and altogether a perfect place to spend the day. The beach drops into a shelf a few steps into the water. It is like glass in clarity and even when you are nearly neck deep, you can look down and see sandy white fish with black stripes swimming around your feet. I stayed 'til 6:45 when the last bus arrived back. It was overcast and a little too cool for a lot of the day but the last hour or two were very hot with blue skies. I dipped, dozed and carried on reading 'Grimus'.

I went back to the hostel and showered. Shortly after, I went out to get something to eat and ate close by in the Marina quarter. I had a small, watery spaghetti bolognese that I made palatable with a heavy-handed helping of parmesan. I had a bargain basement carafe of chilled house red. Quite dreadful. I decided to try a Sardinian cake - sebadas - to drag a memorable meal out of something bland and forgettable. What was put in front of me looked like a round, possibly deep-fried popadum but with some depth and drenched in hot honey. The outside crispy pastry and honey was quite pleasant and inside there was something that looked like melted mozzarella but tasted of almost nothing - if pushed I might concede uncooked pastry. The customers were serenaded with unsolicited music from a gentleman and his accordion who demonstrated no discernable talent for playing his instrument or when to stop asking for money. I returned to the hostel and decided to get an early night. I was in bed by 11.

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