3 July 2011

Little For-it

A quiet day with little to report, hence the latest bastardisation of a Dickensian title.
The journal reads:
A late, lazy start. Some breakfast and coffee just after 11. Helped B with some definitions of disability and rehabilitation before F arrived to give her a massage. (She is suffering from cyatica - how do you spell that?) We spent all of the day indoors which allowed me to finish reading Siri Hustvedt's 'Summer Without Men' and start Zadie Smith's 'White Teeth'.
In the afternoon, Johanne and I popped out briefly to get a few supplies and we just happened to run into someone who works for the ministry of education. When Johanne introduced me and told him I had an interest in Boujdour, he said that Boujdour was under his jurisdiction and we made plans to see him tomorrow. There's a lot more I could say here but is better to tell anyone face to face if they want to know more.
In the evening, with B still feeling under the weather, Johanne and I went out to a 'party at Debbie's' which was a crowded celebration with students receiving certificates for sewing, patisserie and other crafts. Johanne got a helper certificate for always bringing cake. I sat next to a deaf and mute woman for much of the evening but despite that we managed to communicate well. No language barrier to worry about, I suppose! Lots of litle cakes and biscuits and fizzy drinks are handed round on foil trays and people sit and talk. I saw the guy wo I'd met ther last year who had been painting glass with his mouth. All of the students at this association are physically disabled in some way. People were smiling and friendly and drew out a bit more Hassania from me.
When we got home after dropping various people off around the city, B was up and feeling much better. We stayed up and chatted for quite a while then once Johanne had gone to bed, I had some time online before turning in.

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