9 August 2009

Brighton rocks

Elaine and I had a day down in Brighton yesterday. Just decided to go away the day before and amazingly we had probably the best day's weather we've had this summer!

Spent the first 2-3 hours on the beach which explains why i am now mostly bright red. I'd thrown my costume in just in case and of course I couldn't resist the sea once I was there. Just the best feeling to be swimming in cold water on a boiling hot day.

We then headed for The Lanes and got some lunch. Sat in the shade just to be sure our limbs didn't end up as charcoal. I had a passable crayfish salad and a glass of Pinot Grigio but the leaves were sat in a pool of juice. They asked at the end if everything had been ok so I pointed out that I'd had to mop up loads of water from the salad and I got a free glass of wine!
I couldn't find the area of The Lanes that I remembered from last time which had stacks of quirky antique shops and, more importantly, second hand book shops but we did go into some interesting boutiques and I have another lizard to add to my collection now.

We came across a fun gallery with hollow paper towers hanging from the ceiling. I didn't entirely 'get' it
but they looked beautiful and must have taken months to put together!
After wandering round a bunch of groovy little shops we headed back to the beach and came across some live music on the front. A big crowd of people cheering and dancing to 'Insomnia'. We had another short stint paddling and caught the train home.

My last trip to Brighton had been for work so it was great to be able to spend the whole day there and not once have to think about profit margins and how to sell things to people who don't have enough money to buy them.

Today it is just as hot but without the sea I can barely stand the heat. A very fab day.

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